10 Bizarre Bugs That Defy Imagination

Bugs suck. There can be no doubt about the truth of that statement in the minds of many who get bitten by a small natural enemy, but from a purely scientific perspective, it is simply a fact. Bugs are actually a specific taxonomic category of insects, known properly as the true bugs, whose defining trait is that they suck, whether it be plant juice, the liquified remains of enzymatically digested prey, or animal body fluids that is consumed by a bug. In this account, we profile the most outrageous bugs to crawl the Earth, ones guaranteed to astound or horrify the first-time viewer.

You won’t get a nice kiss from this germy, nasty creature, as its name refers to the fact that this beastly bug, also called a vampire bug, bites humans on the face with frequency, often on sensitive tissue near the eyes or mouth. Known by a variety of descriptive names including Kissing Bug and also the Mexican Bed Bug, the most dangerous species of kissing bugs occur in Central and South America, but at times may head further north. But if a human were to be kissed by the bug, that would be far less serious than the problem that this species presents to us.

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