10 Countries It’s Super Easy to Emigrate To

We’ve all felt it. That desperate, cloying urge to escape. That semi-primal need to flee our home country and all its madness and never look back, and instead devote ourselves to relaxing on distant beaches / becoming a kung fu master (it’s a tough call). And we’ve also all felt its accompanying feeling: that sad realization that our dreams are but beautiful illusions, and cruel, cruel reality is gonna drag us kicking and screaming back into its stifling embrace any minute.

10. Ecuador

A land of boiling volcanoes, soaring mountain peaks, and old pastel colored colonial towns, Ecuador is exactly the sort of over-romanticized stereotype of Latin America you’ve always secretly held in your head. It’s got beaches. Islands. Mayan ruins. An adorably underperforming soccer team. It’s got a remarkably low cost of living, and the US dollar as a currency.

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