10 Cyborgs You Could Meet Today

When we think of cyborgs our minds immediately go to science fiction. But in a way, cyborgs already exist — just look at people with pacemakers and ear implants. Their bodies are a combination of organic, bio-mechanical and electronic parts. And if that’s too ordinary for you, there are people who have integrated technology into their bodies in much more extreme ways.
10. Jerry Jalava

Jerry Jalava’s finger is a hard drive, though “thumb drive” seems like a more appropriate name. He lost part of one of his fingers in an accident and did what any sane person would obviously do: he turned his finger into a hard drive. The USB drive is inside a prosthesis which is attached to the remaining part of his finger. Whenever he needs to use the drive he simply removes the prosthesis, plugs it in, and then retrieves it when he’s done. Which gives us the possibility of the first data theft by handshake.

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