10 Differences Between Brits and Americans

Awhile back, we talked a bit about some of the differences between Brits and Americans. Of course, we only scratched the surface with that list, so today, we decided to give it another go. Here are 10 more things that are different between British and American people…
10. Tea vs. Coffee

It’s no surprise to anyone that British people drink tea every single day. Well, multiple times a day, actually. It’s appropriate to suggest putting the kettle on in nearly every social situation, and if you don’t, it’s considered to be very rude. Americans, on the other hand, are all about getting their morning cup of coffee. Even today, with tea coming back in style in the US, Starbucks had to close down all 3,300 of their Teavana stores in 2017, because tea simply wasn’t popular enough in the United States.

Just about everyone knows about the Boston Tea Party, and how ultimately Americans made the switch over to coffee. But not everyone knows when and how British people got into their tea drinking habit in the first place. In 1662, a Portuguese woman named Catherine of Braganza became the Queen of England. She drank imported tea every day, and served it to her guests in the royal court. Since so many British people like to copy whatever happens to be in fashion with the royal family, other people started drinking tea, too, and the tradition stuck.

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