10 Drastically Dangerous Trees of Death

The tree of life may be a popular concept in folklore, mythology, and religious stories around the world. Yet in the world of biology, there exists a variety of veritable “trees of death” poised to cause great harm to any human that comes into contact with them. While not quite the man-eating tree of some very tall explorer’s tales, the trees we consider in this account show that the truth can be stranger than fiction. Learn how to dodge death by tree or at least nasty illness and injury as we branch out into the strange stories of some truly ghastly grand plants to avoid.
10. Manchineel Tree


It looks like an apple, feels like an apple, but it is a fruit that is extremely dangerous to your health. And the tree that it comes from is so toxic that you could literally be burned just as a result of being careless enough to stand beneath its beautiful leafy branches on a rainy day. Nicknamed “manzanilla de la muerte” (meaning “little apple of death” in Spanish), the deadly Manchineel tree is an endangered tree species native to the Caribbean coasts including regions extending along Florida, Mexico, and Central and South America.

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