10 Fiendish or Fabulous Meat-Eating and Moving Plants

Moving plants and carnivorous plants are a novel concept popularly portrayed in science fiction horror of the botanical genre. We all know Little Shop of Horrors. But in reality, motile, active plants are a real thing and go beyond the Venus Flytraps of bug-eating fame.
10. Bladderwort

Ponds may seem tranquil and filled with leisurely and strange water bugs going their different ways, but below the surface, minute networks of bladders lurk, connected to their plants and awaiting the chance to snap shut, capturing food coming into contact with the bladders. Insect eating or otherwise carnivorous plants are frequently associated with land based environments, but bladderwort lurks in aquatic zones where water is fairly stagnant but populated with ample minute prey. Insects, worms and other invertebrates may be eaten by these plants. Native to lakes, slow moving rivers, pools, and even waterlogged ground, bladderwort species are found digesting their prey around the globe.

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