10 Freaky Fish That May Stab, Slice, or Spear You

It is well known that fish can bite, but the ability of certain fish species to defensively or aggressively incapacitate humans, predators and their prey through venom, electricity and sometimes random stabbings is certainly unsettling. Stonefish, lionfish, stargazers and needlefish are but a sampling of fish that may slice, stab or otherwise disable you through some of the most remarkable examples of natural weaponry that mimic scalpels, hypodermic needles and lances. In this list, we learn about the most unsettling ways well-armed fish might be out to get you in certain cases, or at least, how they may harm you if you are not careful to stay out of their way.

One without reasonable friendliness might be called a cold fish, but being called a stonefish may be a worse insult. Stonefish resemble craggy, submerged rocks and possess piercing spines that inject deadly venom into anything or anyone stepping upon them. Since stonefish resemble rocks, one need not be careless to step on the stonefish, just walking in the wrong place at the wrong time. Stonefish possess deadly spines to protect them from a predatory attack, but are camouflaged to such a great level that humans do not get a “fair chance” to avoid stepping on the stonefish. Native to the coastal zones of the Indo-Pacific, Stonefish have 13 razor like spines concealed under ordinary looking dorsal projections that match the rest of the animal’s body wide camouflage.

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