10 Life Hacks to Help You Survive Prison

What can we say about prison that you don’t already know? Often, they are dirty and dangerous places that are filled with the worst of humanity. Prison is a place nearly all of us want to avoid. But, if you happen to be heading there, for whatever reasons (and we’re sure you didn’t do it – you were framed!), here are 10 life-hacks that may make doing time a little bit easier, or could even save your life.
10. Toilet Paper Oven

Besides the loss of freedom, being cut off from society and your loved ones, the terrible living conditions, and the constant fear of nightmarish violence, probably the worst thing about prison is the food. It’s mass produced and costs less than a dollar per person per day in most states. When the prisoner gets served, there’s a solid chance the food will be cold, too. We all know that nothing makes cheap, low quality food taste better than letting it sit around to cool to room temperature!

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