10 Magical Vehicles From Mythology

When you were a kid, you probably wished that you could zip around the world with a magical flying vehicle from your favorite movies and books. Everyone knows about witch brooms, Aladdin’s magic carpet, and Santa’s sleigh, but it turns out that throughout the course of human history, people have been dreaming of all sorts of magic vehicles that can take them to far-off places. Some of them are seriously out of this world.
10. Thor’s Goat Chariot

Today, when people think of the Norse thunder god Thor, they think of the Marvel character with a hammer who can defeat just about anyone… well, except Thanos. (Too soon?) In the original mythology, Thor had his own magical vehicle too. It was a chariot pulled by… goats. That’s right. Two garbage-munching goats, named “Tooth Grinder” and “Gap-Toothed.” The idea was that since goats can climb up mountains, these magical goats could carry Thor to any height. The chariot was thought to be made of wood and wicker, and the wheels were made of iron. The goats were held by silver chains.

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