10 Medical Syndromes You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

Nearly everyone has a family member or friend who suffers from cancer, diabetes, or heart disease. Reality is often stranger than fiction. There are some syndromes out there that are so incredibly rare, you may be shocked to learn that these diseases can actually happen.

10. Alice in Wonderland Syndrome

In Lewis Carroll’s famous children’s book Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, the body of the hero, Alice, grows bigger after drinking from a mysterious bottled labeled “drink me,” and the rest of the objects around her became small. While most people would assume this is just one of many scenes from the book that only exist in a world of fantasy, people actually suffer from a real condition that alters their perception, making them feel as though people and objects around them have either become very, very small, or grown to gigantic proportions. This phenomenon is known as Alice in Wonderland Syndrome.

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