10 Pioneering Female Military Pilots

Military aviation may indeed still be a male dominated field with a history with a sharply discriminatory history when it comes to matters of gender and race. However, the female military aviators who have pursued their careers, whether historically when they had to battle to be accepted, or modern members who benefit from equality policies despite unofficial discrimination, stand out in the history of armed flight. In this account, we look at 10 female military pilots, whether noteworthy or notorious who made their mark on aviation history.
10. Amy McGrath

A pioneer of girl power in aviation, Amy McGrath holds the distinguishing qualifier of being no less than the first female to pilot the formidable McDonald Douglas F/A 18 Hornet in combat. The determined fighter pilot joined the Naval Academy promptly after completing high school, later completing a masters degree in matters of global security. When still a child, McGrath became convinced that her future was in military aviation after a trip to see the planes at the famous National Museum of the United States Air Force left a particularly lasting impression on the intrepid young visitor.

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