10 Reasons Teddy Roosevelt Wasn’t Quite the Hero People Think

Today, Teddy Roosevelt is one of the least criticized presidents in US history. In fact, many people have lionized him and made him an ideal of what a good politician and a leader should be. They talk about Teddy as the trustbuster, the humanitarian, the nature lover, and the incredibly charismatic orator, whose speeches could inspire a crowd. However, few today talk about Teddy’s faults as a leader, and his shortcomings as a person. While Teddy was not an evil man, he was not quite the hero many think when his actions are viewed through a less ross-colored lens.
10. The Story About The Teddy Bear Leaves Out A Lot Of Details

Everyone knows what a Teddy Bear is, and most know the origin story behind it. Teddy Roosevelt had been on a hunting expedition looking for a bear and was having trouble. Someone got a young bear and tied it to a tree, and Teddy refused to shoot it because of how cute and cuddly it was — the bear was then released unharmed. In order to celebrate the president’s generous act of mercy, the Teddy Bear was created and soon became a hit nationwide. Sadly, the story that has been passed on is a lot grimmer and doesn’t paint Teddy in quite as friendly a light.

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