10 Records Totally Owned by Mother Nature

The usual candidates for this kind of list would be things like the highest mountain, or the longest river, or the biggest forest, or canyon, or other obvious stuff like that. But you probably already learned those things in school, and we here at TopTenz aren’t about the obvious and instead focus on bringing you other records. The ones people rarely talk about. So let’s do exactly that. Here are 10 other records owned by Mother Nature.
10. The Deepest Underwater Cave in the World – The Czech Republic

Located in the eastern part of the Czech Republic is the deepest discovered underwater cave in the world, the Hranicka Propast. The underwater cave is at least 1,325 feet deep, but nobody knows how much farther down it actually goes beyond that point. But even at this depth, the Hranice Abyss, as it is called in English, has beaten the previous record holder, the Pozzo del Merro in Italy by 39 feet. The Hranice Abyss’s existence has been known for some time now and the lead speleologist during this expedition, Krzysztof Starnawski, has been exploring it for the past two decades. The deepest dive he ever made was at 869 feet before he had to resurface and then stay for six hours in a decompression chamber.

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