10 Scams Targeting Tourists in Asia

Traveling in Asia is out of this world. The culture is alien, and the food is far removed from what people eat in the west. And no, we’re not talking about fortune cookies (which were actually invented in San Francisco). And of course, there is so much more to Asia that’s incredible to explore. When you’re overseas getting lost and rubbing elbows with the natives, it’s the best way to experience new cultures… but it also opens you up to scams as some of these same locals try and suck out the hard earned cash from your money belt.
10. Buy Baby Formula for Mothers’ Kids

In many countries, there is real poverty that is present everywhere – even around many tourist hotspots. Tourists are usually savvy about avoiding giving money to beggars as they are likely professionals or being exploited by others into begging. Understandably, foreigners still want to help, especially when it comes to young children. So when they are approached by a poor mother who refuses money but rather asks them to buy baby formula instead, they jump at the chance because “it’s for her baby! Not for drugs!” Right? Wrong.

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