10 Times Cats Were Blamed for Crimes

Whether they’re hanging out with villains or helping witches cast spells, cats seem to have a bad reputation – at least in books and movies. It turns out that cats get into trouble for far more in real life than you may imagine. Sometimes, they are even guilty of crimes that would be enough to put a human behind bars.

Have you ever noticed that when socks go missing, we seem to lose just one? This can be very annoying, and honestly, just plain confusing… how is it that it’s always just one sock?

In the United Kingdom, Henry the cat has stolen a grand total of 57 socks (that his owners know of). He gets them from clotheslines in neighbors’ backyards, and usually leaves everything else alone. After all, Oscar from entry 7 has the monopoly on panties. So, if you are a victim of a single sock going missing, now you know who to blame.

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