10 Times Rich People Got Away with Murder

It’s no secret that the rich and powerful get away with crimes that would normally put most people in jail. But these next 10 stories of wealthy people getting away with murder are so cringe-worthy, it’s almost beyond belief…
10. Laura Bush

If you watch Family Guy, you might have noticed in one of the episodes that there was a casual mention that “Laura Bush killed a guy.” Well, sadly, this is actually true. Before she became First Lady of the United States, she was a high school student named Laura Welch, living in Midland, Texas.

In 1963, Laura was just 17-years-old, and she and a friend were trying to rush to the movies before the film was set to start. She was in such a hurry that she accidentally ran a stop sign and killed one of her school’s star football players, Mike Douglas. Laura is the daughter of a wealthy property developer, so her father was able to pay for a lawyer, and she never had to go through any kind of punishment for killing Douglas. As an adult, she wrote that the whole experience made her feel so guilty that she was afraid to ever apologize to Douglas’s parents, and she tried to pretend that the accident never happened.

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