10 Truths About the Conspiracy Theorist Craze

Popular culture is one of those subjects, much like politics, that everyone thinks they’re an expert in. After all, most people consume a lot of popular culture on a regular basis, so they assume that they have a good understanding of it. However, unless you’re a really big fan of one small piece of popular culture, there are a lot of things you may have missed. People tend to come up with an idealized version of the most popular and beloved celebrities or past events or eras, and tend to forget the realities of the situation… especially the uglier ones. Sometimes the truth is just beneath the surface, but people don’t see it because they don’t want to.
10. Marilyn Monroe Is Mistakenly Believed To Have Been Bigger Than Today’s Models

Marilyn Monroe doesn’t really need an introduction. We all know the basics of her origin story, and we see her constantly in memes that are thrown around Facebook and Twitter. Some of the memes claim quotes on her behalf that there’s shaky or no proof that she ever actually said. The other main variety of memes, though, like to make big claims about her weight without any proof.

You’ve probably seen this meme before, claiming that Monroe was actually much bigger than today’s current model’s. This feeds into the trope that society is getting worse, and that before long, we will be expecting actresses to have all their bones showing through their skin, or we won’t accept them as skinny enough. However, the truth is that researchers who did the real work tested Monroe’s clothes and found that, after looking at variance for women’s sizes between various brands and trying her clothes on modern mannequins, she was likely just about the same weight and body shape as your average, idealized model or actress today. So, the good news is that while our standards haven’t gotten any better, they haven’t gotten any worse either.

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