Top 10 Funny Celebrity Reproductive Organ Stories

10. Magician and TV Show Host Penn Jillette

As he described on his radio show on January 3, 2007, around 1980, Penn Jillette was breaking up with a girlfriend. As soon as they had broken up and she flew away, he felt a strong need to reunite with her, but she was staying with one of her gal pals who hated him at the time, so he flew out to spend the night with them. That night Jillette took a shower, and upon finishing, found that there were no towels in the bathroom. There was a blow dryer handy, so he experimented with using the blow dryer on his whole body. He claimed it worked very well until someone tried to come into the bathroom and startled him. When that happened, he was holding up his penis so that he could use the blow dryer on the underside and the end of his penis fell into blow dryer wires. Hen then heard what he described as a sizzle that sounded like hamburger on a grill. He broke up with his girlfriend the next day.

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