Top 10 Funny Halloween Movies

This list of films is for the latter situation. These are the funniest Halloween films you can enjoy with your kids. Just make sure that you are still spiking Kitty Wife’s punch…
10. Fright Night


Contrary to somewhat popular belief, being a teenager can be very tough. There are embarrassing situations, like the time you face-palmed when your Mom invited a vampire into your living room. There is also the slight awkwardness when the girl you have wanted forever suddenly turns into a vampire. There is also the trouble with figuring out how to kill the guy that may very well be the undead lover of the gay vampire from next door. Who do you turn to in your time of crisis? You are absolutely correct if you said, “a washed up TV host forced to dress up like a vampire.”
9. Scary Movie


Before any one asked the seemingly pertinent question “why is Charlie Sheen not in any of these movies?”, there was the original Scary Movie. Wes Craven’s Scream was already a bit of a smart parody on the whole teen slasher genre. There was a very real possibility of screwing up by making a parody of a parody. Who knew that the Wayans Brothers could pull it off? Who knew that the Wayans would build a movie with a Caucasian protagonist? Who was aware that the last scene would be surprising and cool? The point is, there are a lot worse ways that you can spend a couple hours. Most of which are titled Scary Movie 2 through Scary Movie 5.

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