Top 10 Halloween Costumes Perfect For Humiliating Your Dog

Halloween is a time for children to go out into the night and have some fun, and for the parents of those children to utterly humiliate their offspring with terrible costumes. But how are childless adults supposed to enjoy the holiday? Well, you could go to a party, get roaring drunk and make out with Batman—or you could embarrass your canine companion with a tacky costume. It’s the perfect way to tell your dog that you hate it, and the world that you’re comfortable with dying alone.
10. Dora the Explorer

So we’re guessing the creators of this costume didn’t intend to make it look like Puddles here ate Dora the Explorer and stole her scalp, but that’s sure what they ended up with. The severed arms draped over the neck nicely compliment the canine homicide theme, and as an added bonus they make your dog look like a six-limbed nightmare beast. Do you know kids who like Dora? They won’t anymore!

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