Top 10 Most Amazing DIY Projects Ever

There is perhaps no greater joy in life than the feeling you get from building things with your own hands, be it making simple airplane models, or completely redoing your secret torture basement.

But as with all things, there are people out there whose inventiveness and hard work can make even your greatest Do-It-Yourself projects look like a pile of off-brand crap in comparison. Here are the top 10 examples of some of the coolest stuff people just got up and built in their spare time, because screw you, feeling good about your own accomplishments for even a second:
10. An Alien Tank

This real-life replica of an alien robot in tank form is perhaps the greatest thing to ever come out of Michael Bay’s CGI Explodogasmarama, also known as the Transformers movie series.

A Chinese Transformers fan who goes by the online handle of “Steel Legend” has built this monstrous 4.5m-long, 2.5m-high badboy based on the look of the villainous Megatron’s transformation in Revenge of the Fallen. So perhaps Bay might have been on to something when he decided that his Megatron shouldn’t transform into an old NES zapper pistol, like in the original cartoon.

The replica is made out of real metal, and weighs a staggering five tons. No word whether Steel Legend is planning to sell it or use it to overthrow and destroy the Chinese government.

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