Top 10 People Who Were Too Pretty For Their Own Good

There’s an old saying that “beauty is a curse.” Today we want to explore that concept and share with you 10 stories of people who suffered in one way or another for being too good looking, apparently for their own good.
10. Debrahlee Lorenzana

Up until around 2010, Debrahlee Lorenzana worked in a branch of Citibank as a business banker doing all of the things you’d expect from a person in her position until one day, out of nowhere, she was fired. When Lorenzana enquired as to why she’d been relieved of her position, she received a terse reply from her ex-employer simply stating that her performance had been poor. A statement Lorenzana took particular offense to, because as far as she was aware, she’d been nothing but a model employee and she had the awards and commendations to prove it.

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